Effingham County Methodist Camp Ground
Effingham County Methodist Camp Ground

Camp Meeting

The main event of the Campground, Camp Meeting, is held in July each year. A guest speaker along with a song leader and pianist conduct worship daily at

11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Typically, special gospel groups supplement the activities. Youth and children's encampment are held during Camp Meeting to minister to the young generation of the county.

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Annual BBQ Fundraiser

For over 10 years, an annual BBQ fundraiser is held in early Spring. The fundraiser is supported by all local United Methodists churches. This community event begins with "butt cooking" on Friday night, and runs through Saturday's BBQ plate sale and bake sale. Because of its roomy acreage, the campground also lends itself to other community and church events like fall festivals and Easter egg hunts.

Weddings and Reunions

The newly upgraded dining hall is quite useful for family and group reunions. The open tabernacle and beautiful grounds have been popular for weddings, as well as group gospel shows and benefit concerts.

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A cooperative ministry among partner churches of the Effingham County Methodist Campground Association, Inc.